Big Year…

Well, the Christmas season is behind us and as another year starts we’re planning on cramming in alot at the gym over the next 12 months.

First of all we have the success of one of our professional boxer’s, Chris Keane, who has just become the new Midlands Champion. He leads the way this year as the training camp is working hard with our other professional fighters, Chris Keane & Troy James are now looking at English Title shots later this year.

This brings me on to the ABA camp. Our head coach, Sacha Millar, has been hard at work training up our young aspiring boys, many took home some impressive wins at the end of last year and not forgetting the huge success that was our first ever home show. The amateur home show was an extremely popular sell out, with our members and the families of the fighters all getting a chance to show their support in person and enjoy a great night of boxing. Sacha is now in talks with the possibility of setting up another show which we presume will be another success with tickets selling fast again, so like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to find out all the details about the shows.

Since introducing the gradings into our boxing classes our student have been coming on leaps and bounds. The skill level and focus during the classes has improved massively! This makes teaching the classes more practical for our instructors that have big numbers and students of different skill levels. The day of the grading itself ┬áis always a great day because we welcome and encourage parents and friends of our students to come down and watch the gradings, we love taking pictures and handing out all the certificates, medals and T-shirts. We’re also looking forward to this years’ Skills Bouts which is a chance for our skilled students to put their skills into practice by taking part in a controlled spar. We get the students matched up and the sparing commences in our boxing ring. This is another great day with family and friends attending, taking photo’s and showing general support. After our Gradings & Skills Bouts we always like to post pictures and video’s of the day on our Facebook page.

Last year was a big year for us as we announced the opening of our Boxing Coach Courses, which I created out of a demand for more professionally qualified boxing coaches. The course has been endorsed by Skills Active & gives the student 16 accredited REP’s points. Our first course sold out and continues to run regularly, offering anyone the chance to become a qualified Boxing Coach. You can find out more information about the Course on our website. We have just announced the new course dates for this year with a course kicking off on the 10th Feb.

Our instructors are continuing to offer individuals a great Personal Training service, with great weight loss success stories and the technical lessons going great. We are excited about our next Nutritional seminar which takes place at the gym on Jan 29th at 7pm, everyone is welcome, you do not have to be member of the gym to attend and are more than welcome to bring friends or family members.

I’m looking forward to all that 2013 has in store for the RedCorner!

Yours in Sport,

Glenn Smith

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