Our instructors are level 3 qualified Personal Trainers. Most have or are competing in sports such as Boxing, Kick-Boxing & MMA

Owner of the RedCorner Gym, Glenn has over 30 years experience within the boxing world. After gaining his professional license he has trained several amateur & professional boxing champions. He is currently taking the Circuit classes most mornings.
Glenn Smith
Matty Evans has over 17 years experience. He started in Karate and then Boxing. He teaches mainly Self-defence, MMA, Boxing and Grappling. Specializing mainly in one to one or private sessions but he also runs a Striking class and a grappling class. As well as teaching, Matty runs The Real Combat System in which he runs workshops and grades the students.
Matty Evans
Professional Boxing Coach
Warren has been involved in boxing since he could walk. With Warren’s level of experience, he can offer boxing skills and fitness to any level, whether you want to learn boxing technique to get fit and lose weight, stress release or take it further and to box competitively. Warren has worked with several amature professional and MMA fighters. He teaches group sessions and on a one to one basis.
Warren Glenn
Professional Boxing Coach
Aaron is a black belt in the Real Combat System. He specializes in Grappling, MMA, Self Protection, Fitness and Conditioning. Over the years he has trained in Muay Thai, Wrestling, Boxing, Submission Wrestling, MMA. He currently teaches MMA classes at the gym and is also available for one on one tuition on all of the above.
Aaron Clamp
Personal Trainer
Grace has been involved in kickboxing for eight years, competing for and obtaining a number of titles including two World titles. Grace currently teaches the Children’s Kick-boxing classes and also the Ladies Only Fitness Class. She is available for 1-1 sessions
Grace Jenkinson
Personal Trainer/Class Instructor
Michael has a history of competing in kick-boxing and is currently training in the RedCorner ABA camp as an amateur boxer. He is currently assisting with the Children’s boxing classes and is available for 1-1’s
Micheal Green
Personal Trainer/Class Instructor
Professional Boxer, Troy James has had years of experience in boxing. He is a professional boxing champion who is proudly homegrown out of the Red Corner itself. Being part of the professional camp, he understands what it takes to get fit and lose weight. He is available for 1-1’s & group bookings
Troy James
Professional Boxer/Personal Trainer