January Blues?

 GoalsSo the hype of Christmas is well and truly behind us. We’ve packed away the Xmas tree and returned all of the unwanted presents from distant relatives. The house is finally looking normal and we’ve been slugging it out at the gym trying to shift those Christmas pounds!



But why is this month always tarnished with the blues? Apart from the welcome of the New Year, January gets it pretty tuff really. It can’t rely on it’s weather or the days feeling any shorter. Really, it just can’t meet up to the great expectations of the month that lives before it. The main focus of January is usually just to get it out of the way! And to do so with some money left in the bank.


And where has all the money gone? We’ve normally splashed out on Christmas presents and seasonal events that seem to fill our calendar to the brim during December so come January, we’re all skint! That’s what makes this month hard. With the onset of our New Years resolutions approaching, alot of them normally involve you having money of some kind.Whether you need to buy a gym membership to get in shape, or the usual nicotine patches to kick that old habit. It can be hard adapting to a more limited bank balance budget after becoming accustomed to the luxuries we allow ourselves in December.


But instead of feeling low, try to look at your positives. You have just welcomed in the New Year and with it brings all kinds of opportunities. These will be kept unknown to you until the right time so you never what waits for you around that corner. I love writing lists of all my goals that I hope to achieve for the year. Some of these goals may vary when it comes to achievability but they’re all equally as important as each other. This will make you feel focused and should give you the drive to go out there and reach for your goals.

So, instead of feeling the blues this month, I encourage you to turn this month into a productive one and write down all your goals. With every new dawn, brings new life, so everyday is another opportunity for you to get one step closer to your goals.



We are all full of potential. Lets make this year one to remember!



Yours in Sport,


Glenn Smith

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