Pretty Pads



What is Pretty Pads?

One of the key factors of boxing which is massively under stated, is rhythm. When boxing you need to find your own rhythm to be able to find your opponents rhythm which then will help you be in control and start to change the rhythm so you are less readable.

We all have rhythm. For some it comes naturally and others may need a helping hand. What Pretty Pads does is helps you find your inner rhythm and helps you box in a fluent and effortless manner. Every boxer wants that speed and power but timing and effortless movement is the key to help them have that deadly speed and knockout power.

As a coach/trainer I, Warren Glenn offer various kinds of training. We can box and train to a high level and get you ready for the competitive world in professional or white collar or you can just have some fun, learn a new skill, get yourself fit and build confidence. Whichever one is for you I am available for one to one sessions & also group sessions.


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