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Owner of the Red Corner, Glenn Smith writes out his own personal blogs which are always very positive and uplifting. There are also poems, jokes, stories and philosophies which are featured every month.
Exert from the September issue: “We seem to look on the successful as though they’re almost a different species. This couldn’t be further from the truth, they are normal people, like you & I. They have just worked incredibly hard for their dreams. The Oscar winning actors, the Grammy singers & the businessmen billionaire’s of the world refuse to let fear defeat them, instead they use it to catapult themselves in the way of success. I have no doubt they all have felt fear, maybe even on a daily basis but they chose to use it in a positive productive way.”
The gym’s qualified nutritional therapist, Jo Gamble has a ‘Food of the month’ Column which delivers great nutritional tips and advice for anyone wanting a little extra information on food.
We also put in an updated account of all of our professional and amateur boxers current situations. This includes info on all upcoming fights, where to book tickets and news on any cancelations etc.
The latest gym membership deals can also be found in the newsletter along with any product discounts and info on new products we have coming in.

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