Red Corner Training Camp

Red Corner Class Of The Month – Training Camp

Saturdays 12:00 – 13:30 Paul Windsor & Aaron Clamp
Paul Windsor & Aaron Clamp are running a training camp at the Red Corner Gym on Saturdays from 12:00 to 13:30. The camp covers grappling, boxing, MMA, fitness and strength conditioning.


Paul Windsor is highly trained in both boxing & MMA and has plenty of experience when it comes to training. He is part of an Amateur boxing club in Coventry and works as a personal trainer here at the Red Corner. Since his arrival, Paul has been booked up with personal clients providing them with the latest top quality training sessions.


Aaron Clamp specializes in MMA, having trained for years within the sport. Over the years he has trained in Muay Thai, Wrestling, Boxing & Submission Wrestling. He trains and fights regularly. Aaron works as a personal trainer here at the gym offering an excellent level of personal fitness to all his clients.


Paul & Aaron have joined forces to bring you a fresh new training camp that combines the technique of boxing with the grit of MMA. During this session you will learn how to perfect your knock-out punches as well as mastering your rolls and chokes. Your fitness will also be pushed to its limits with the strength conditioning drills that both Aaron & Paul have planned out for you.


Everyone welcome


Cost of this session: £5


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