I hope everyone has a a great festive season and you are all recharged and refuelled ready for your next year!

January has become known to be a month a resolutions, these often involve weight loss, giving up smoking or drinking, getting fitter or going for that promotion at work etc. Resolutions often involve bettering yourself in some form, but how long do these actually last? Through my years working at the gym, i’ve seen many resolutions soon fall by the way side. They seem to start off with a lot of steam but then burn out very quickly. Maybe this is because we often set ourselves unrealistic goals or because we simply give up when the going starts to get tuff!

Well, I know through my own past experiences that I just can’t kick some of my bad habits. For example, I love my expresso’s and I do enjoy the occasional glass of red wine. I have often tried to give these up but I face a constant battle in my mind. So, instead of giving these pleasure’s up completely, I have now learned the value of balance. Like life, we need to have a constant balance of elements in order for us all to function properly. We need food at the right times, we need sleep when we need it etc. But we also need to be disciplined at the right times too, that way we can allow ourselves our ‘treats’, when we feel we’ve earnt them.

I’m constantly working to keep my balance as sometimes it can be slightly off but that being said, having a balance in my life helps me to keep my bad habits in check. And as for resolutions, I absolutely agree that starting your year with focus and determination is a great thing. Then it’s all down to you’re balance.

I wish all our members all the best for 2012! Lets make it a healthy one 🙂

Yours in Sport,

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