Skills Bouts

Skills Bouts

After the popular response the gym has received since starting up the boxing grading’s, we’ve decided to add a Red Corner Skills Bout.

Skill Bouts are an opportunity for the gym’s students and instructors to practice their boxing skills in a safe, controlled environment. Skills Bouts involve students sparring other students that have been carefully matched to each other by the gym instructors. The students have all been notified about this and have been preparing in the gym for this event. The Red Corner instructors themselves will also be sparring each other in order to give the rest of the students and spectators an example of the boxing level that they can achieve.

You can expect to see Grace Jenkinson, Paul Windsor, Aaron Clamp Warren Glenn, Sacha Millar, Matty Evans and Glenn Smith all getting involved on the day.

Every student will have their own corner man working their corner and giving them the support and guidance they need for the spar. At the end of the day, every student that gets involved will take home a hard-earned Red Corner trophy for their efforts.

Sparring under pressure is an essential part of any boxers training. We at the Red Corner Gym make it our number one priority that no one gets hurt or bullied whilst training at the gym. All of the students taking part on Sunday have been asked to do so because the instructors believe they have reached a level in their boxing training that allows them to spar. All students will be provided with the correct boxing equipment, including head-guards, mouth guards and gloves.

There will be no students from any other gyms attending on Sunday. It’s a day for our Red Corner students to enjoy, progress and be proud of.

Family and friends of any of our students are more than welcome to pop along to watch, take pictures and stay to watch the instructors spar.

The internal club sparring will take place on Sunday 27th November at 2pm

Any questions, please call Glenn himself on: 07974177624

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