Tony Somers

Tony Somers now runs a weekly self defence class at the Red Corner GymTony
Tony has trained for over 26 years with the legendary Geoff Thompson in the Real Combat System and is now the joint top instructor with the grade of 6Th Dan, one of only 4 in the world.
He has also studied many other systems and is also a highly qualified counsellor and life coach. Tony also works with the Red corners professional fighters on their mindset before big their fights. The system has been recognised all over the world and has even been talked about in the House of Commons and made the press in New York as one of the world’s top self defence systems. The Real Combat System incorporates street self defence techniques that have been tried and tested in the reality arena and are extremely effective. In these classes you will have the opportunity to grade up to black belt. The classes are a great way of getting fit, learning to look after yourself, having fun and making some great friends.
Tony also offers 1:1 training that includes life coaching and self defence techniques that rapidly increase self confidence in every area of your life by working at a core level on your belief systems.

The class is at 6pm every Thursday but places can be limited so booking in advance is advised.

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