We Smashed It

My alarm went off this morning, and I didn’t want to get out of bed!

I finally walked down stairs still half asleep, put the kettle on, got a cup of tea and small amount of breakfast to meet Troy, Dougie & Kev thinking all the way about excuses not to train. “Too tired for this, circuit too tough, ive got a few injuries, too tired, I’ll train later”

With all the excuses still pouring out, and I got to the gym with Troy, Dougie & Kev all looking the same. I set the circuit up and then…

WE SMASHED IT, we were all buzzing afterwards and glad we made the effort.

The morale is:  We all feel the same before training, it’s not easier for any of us, come on, get that training kit out and get to your gym, FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF, it will be worth it

Glenn Smith

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