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Weight Gain

Finding it hard to gain muscle? Or not sure where to start? Read this tried & tested advice from Glenn Smith out of the Red Corner Boxing Gym.

A lot of people think that to get massive shoulders or biceps they need to hit the upper body weights hard. This is a common mistake. When you train your legs you release testosterone which travels around your whole body benefiting it all. Some people forget to train their legs but it is essential to train them if you want gain muscle.Compound exercises like squats, benches, deadlift & the leg press are all crucial. If you’re struggling with the exercises themselves, pop in to the Red Corner Gym & Glenn will show you new exercises that you can add to your workout.

Eat plenty. To gain muscle you’ll need to be adding another 500 calories on top of what you’re eating currently. Make your protein intake your main priority when it comes to your muscle gaining diet. Another way of ensuring your consuming enough protein is to drink protein shakes.

This will ensure you’re getting enough protein in one helping & as they are in liquid form your body will digest it quickly which is essential for gaining muscle. You have a half an hour window post work-out to get your protein intake otherwise, you’re muscles wont rebuild. The Red Corner stocks a variety of delicious protein shakes ready to be freshly made for you at the end of your workout.

Don’t overdo it with your cardio. It’s important not to do too much cardio so just stick to a couple of sprint-runs a week.

If you have any further questions regarding weight gain, pop into the Red Corner Gym or contact Glenn Smith himself.

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