Meaner In The Arena

Okay Guys, We’ve been busy here at the gym as fight camp has started for the professional lads after the confirmation of the next official fight date from MTK Birmingham. We are please to announce July 8th is fight night! Troy James, Joe Sherriff & Michael Green will all be boxing on the bill as well as some other great boxers such as, Kieron Conway, Aaron Lovell, Don Broadhurst, Anthony Manning, Nicky Powell & Ryan Kelly. The date falls on a Saturday so perfect for a night out. As always the boys need all the support they can get and the encouragement is always hugely appreciated in this sport. We will be setting up an ‘event’ page on Facebook for the night which will be kept up to date with ticket details, venue location & any after-party details. You can find us on Facebook here. You can also keep an eye on the boys social media pages for any fight updates!☺️


Due to circumstances out of our control there has been a change of date for the show. July 29th is now the new date. Unfortunately Troy James & Micheal Green are not on the bill due to prior arrangements. We are as a team gutted about the new date as it means two of our boxers have been in camp for nothing but we are hoping for a another win to Joe Sherriff’s record & another great night of boxing. As always we appreciate all the support🙌🏼