Getting Tomasz Home

We were hoping to raise money for Tomasz who was knocked off his bike about a month ago on his way to the gym. He’s since been recovering at Walsgrave Hospital. He suffered life threatening injuries and was left battling a severe bleed on the brain. Unfortunately he didn’t have the money to go back home this year to visit his family in Poland so we decided to have a small donations bucket at the gym for anyone who wished to help him visit his family once fully recovered. We posted a post on our social media pages and within a couple of weeks we counted what we had collected and we had managed to raise just over £450 which is more than enough for a plane ticket home to be with his family.

He was released from hospital a couple of days ago and is doing well. Because of the extent of his injuries he will have to stay in Coventry over Xmas but then can head back home. THANK YOU! We just wanted to say a big thank you to all who kindly donated to Tomasz’s bucket over the last couple of weeks. Your support has not gone unnoticed with the team and also to Tomasz himself who was extremely surprised and overwhelmed when we presented him with the ticket money. Thank you again everyone.