Our 2017 in Boxing

Red Corner Gym

Wow what a year it’s been for our professional camp. From a courageous battle with Anthony Yarde and a last minute fight with Harlem Eubank to winning fight of the month in the Boxing Monthly with Joe’s amazing performance against Jake Ball at London’s York Hall. We also welcomed the new arrival of Dave Seymour, a promising new Bantom weight.
It’s been a busy year for sure and it’s held a lot of ups and downs for us. Some wins and some losses but one things for sure, if your not prepared to fail you’ll never be in contention to win right? So with this year closing on us I just want to say a massive thank you to the team. My fighters and my fellow coaches, watching you all grow and come into your own this year is one of the main reasons I opened the RedCorner 14 years ago. That progression is so fulfilling. We are the only gym in the region that is boxing at this level and it’s all because of the dedication you all show every time you walk through those doors.
So…onto next year boys? Team Red Corner👊🏻