Free Diet Plan anyone?

As we kick off the New Year we are always hearing from our members how much they enjoy being back into a routine after having a good Christmas break. As part of the New Year-New Me hype we’ve created a simple, no fuss healthy eating plan. This is free for anyone who signs up to our newsletter. It’s simple but effective. Balanced but also varied. You can find our newsletter sign-up at the bottom of this page👇🏼Simply pop in your email address and your done!

The download link will be available as soon as you subscribe to the newsletter. And why subscribe to us? Whether your a member of the gym or not, you’ll be reading this because something appeals to you about healthy eating. Our newsletters keep you updated on all things Red Corner but we also post on diet, training, boxing and workouts that’ll keep you inspired and motivated!👌🏼

Enjoy your FREE plan & good luck with your health & fitness goals of 2018!☺️



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