Kids Classes

Here at the Red Corner kids classes are something we pride ourselves on. We are passionate about teaching the younger generation the sport of boxing. And when taught correctly, boxing can not only help with motor skills but also is great for confidence and self-defence.


We often have parents approach us because their child may be suffering from bullying at school. Sometimes we’ve had cases ranging from physical violence to emotional torment. And in all of the cases the parents have felt it maybe time for their child to learn some form of self-defence. Learning a form a self-defence can often transform someone. The sense of confidence is carried with them daily. During our classes, if our instructors are made aware of a bullying incident extra time and care will go into the teaching, making sure to teach a high level of boxing but also build confident within the child.


After years of teaching the kids boxing classes we wanted a simple system in place that would show both parents and our students the level of ability their child was at. We created the first boxing grading system within the sport. Every three months we hold our Boxing Gradings, the day is a fun busy day. The children all leave with a grade appropriate T-shirt, certificate and medal. A perfect way of rewarding the children for their hard work and focus during the classes.

Experienced Coaches

All of our Coaches are either competing professionally or have done. We boast a stable of Boxers, Kick-Boxers & MMA coaches. Our team are passionate about passing on their in knowledge and we provide a safe and friendly environment for that. Keeping all ego’s out and taking the time to make sure everyone that walks through our doors are treated exactly the same.

Our Kids Classes

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