Hi All,

Time for an appreciation blog this time & all props goes to Kasey from the gym on his recent 1st Place ranking at the UKDFBA Body Building Competition🏆

Kasey has been training at the gym for a number of years now and is always incredibly focused when he walks up the stairs. We asked him to send us in some info on his prep, how he got into first place condition and his up-coming plans;

“So for my ukdfba men’s physique win I planned a 12 week prep, which for me the main goal was to hold on to the muscle that I already had as much as possible whilst still burning fat. I did this by gradually cleaning up my diet and becoming even more strict as time went on and checking on how I looked every couple of days. I wasn’t focused on weight because being on stage is all about how you look not how much you weigh, but I did keep track of it once every couple of weeks to make sure I was making steady progress.

I can tell you that I was 13st 5lb before my prep and on the morning of the show was exactly 12st , hungry and dehydrated by then mind. Keeping an eye on the amount of carbs and total calories I was eating every day was of big importance. Balancing them throughout the 12 weeks was key because too much of those and I wouldn’t burn fat, but too little and I would lose muscle. Cheat meals were used once every 2 weeks to shock my metabolism and also to help with the cravings. I’m quite lucky in the sense that I have a high metabolism so I didn’t have to cut my calories too much or do lots of cardio like some people do. I was training 5-6 times a week for the first 6 weeks of prep (always weights with 1 x cardio per week) and then that went up to 6-7 times during the last few weeks, lifting weights at all times to hold on to the muscle with 2-3 sessions of cardio thrown in per week. I like to train for around an hour and a half per session which allows me the time to hit every exercise that I need each day.

I only competed once before which was the same competition 2 years ago. I went into this one with a positive mindset and gave my prep 100% to leave myself no excuses and it paid off. I’ve never had a personal trainer so I am definitely still learning and my body has responded to this prep really well. Now I have a long time of 19 weeks between that competition and the British finals on October 21st so I’m looking to add a little size and concentrate on some weak areas in the next few months whilst relatively holding my shape.”

Some photo’s a few days after his comp: