Member Spotlight

Hi All,

For this week’s blog we thought we show off some of our incredible member transformations!

We are always helping people reach their fitness goals by delivering training specific programs or helping with diet plans or both. Whether you train with one of our coaches or have a basic gym pass, our team is always available to help out with advice and guidance when required. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service, and because we hold Coventry’s most experienced coaches we have access to specific training and nutritional knowledge that we then pass onto our members & clients.

The two members we are featuring in this blog post had simple goals. Advice tip no1-keep your goals simple! When it comes to training or diet changes its way more achieve to set simple, realistic goals. The more simple they are, the more likely you are to achieve them.

Danny has been a long standing member of the gym. Coming on & off for years but it wasn’t until early this year he really wanted to set himself the goal of losing that stubborn fat that had built up from over the Christmas period. Danny made the gym part of his routine. He let his training become a priority, once that happened the results started following. Keeping his training simple with basic weight training & mixing up his slower cardio sessions he smashed his goal and is now onto the next🙌🏼 Well done Danny, smashed it!

Hayley is a busy mum to two kids. She has a busy life and really wanted to make time to get into her training these past few months. Focusing mainly on weights she worked closely with Glenn to develop a lifting program which challenged and pushed her for every single session. Her aim was to gain muscle while remaining lean. She really wanted to gain some shape to her physic. On the build up to her holiday Hayley really watched her diet, keeping to healthy options & choices while making sure she ate enough to feel great and have the energy for her two children. The dedication she’s shown really inspirational, juggling two kids, a household and life in general! Well done Hayley☺️On to a new set of goals as soon as she’s back from her holidays!👊🏼