Summer Shred Last Ep.

HI Guys,

We’re onto our last episode in the summer shred series. We designed the series to help keep you motivated and hopefully inspired during the summer months. Delivering fresh, simple workout ideas.

For our last one we kept it simple. Fat Burning is an area we get asked about a lot. On the subject of ‘fat burning’ its a myth that one specific type of training only burns fat. The reality of it is any training you do will run calories, and if your in a calories deficit with your diet you’ll burn fat. So we advise you to try a wide variety of training types to see what you enjoy the most, weight training, circuits, boxing, MMA etc.

Here we have a simple workout that can be done at a park or the gym;

Warm up: 20 min jog

1️⃣Incline Press-up 20reps 3sets

2️⃣Single-leg jump ups 20reps 3sets (each leg)

3️⃣Jump-steps 10reps x2

4️⃣Stair Runs x6

5️⃣ShadowBox to finish 6 2min rounds

Hope you enjoy!

We asked over on our facebook group page what video’s you’d like us to do next and the minority of you asked for nutritional info so watch out for a batch of easy to digest, simple diet tips🙌🏼