Our Renovation Process

Hi Guys,

For this blog post we wanted to share the beginning of our renovation process with you. The time has come to refresh and re-kit our beloved gym. For years we’ve always constantly re-invested back into the gym with equipment etc but we’ve never took on the huge task of completely revamping the place. It’s not that we are wanting to change the feel of the place but it’s definitely time for a refresh. When I first opened my doors all those years ago, I was inspired by the American spit-bucket-type of boxing gyms, the ones that had grit and determination in the atmosphere. With the floor and roofing being all wood I knew I could achieve the same type of look and feel, so up went the black and white boxing pictures and the Red Corner’s look was born. Over the years we’ve added to the memorabilia and also added to our own history as a boxing team. It’s safe to say the cluttered look has had its day and down are coming the pictures which will eventually be re-hung onto wooden cladding panels along the sides of the gym.

We started with the main feature piece which we knew wanted to be an eye-catcher, and what better way than to create a piece of art using one of boxing most beloved boxers of all time, Muhammed Ali🙌🏼 We used a local Artist who we’ve worked with before on the project which started off from concept to reality in a relatively short amount of time. Jay sent us back some ideas then came in to scale it all out. Working through the night while the gym was closed he created our main feature wall which we are absolutely blown away with.

Below is a short video of the process👇🏼

Coming next week we have the new ring accessories and the new standing squat machine. Painting of the rest of the gym also starts next week along with ordering more new kit and installing the wooden cladding☺️We are so chuffed with the way it’s all coming along and want to say a huge thanks to our team and members for the constant love and support🙌🏼After all these years we are so excited to create a fresh space for training and hopefully to continue to inspire all those who walk up our stairs☺️☺️☺️

Glenn Smith & the Red Corner Team x