1st Place Again…

What can we say…

3 wins out of 3 competitions this year for our Kasey. Absolutely smashing his goals out the park this year🙌🏼

Over the weekend Kasey walked away with best overall physique at the ICN Natural Body Building Competition and we couldn’t be prouder! At the beginning of the year he set himself some very specific goals, kept his focus and has achieved every single one of them so far. The preparation that goes into these prep camps are honestly gruelling at times, having to prepare and weight out every single meal, sacrificing social events with friends and family and putting your training first before most other things. It’s a huge challenge and only those who are really passionate and motivated stick at it.

We are not known for body building, but we pride ourselves on helping every single member achieve their individual goals. Even if those goals are not boxing related. With our experience within the health & fitness industry we have managed to gain a massive knowledge base that taps into all kinds of fitness areas and we are so proud of have helped Kasey with his competitive journey. Our goal has always been to motivate and inspire our members but when your members start inspiring us, we get to see all that hard work paying off and its honestly why we do it☺️

Well done again Kasey! Onto the British Finals!🔥