Hi Guys,

Here’s a simple but effective leg session taken by our regular member, Hayley who’s been really getting into her weight training this year and as a result looking amazing. We’ve seen a massive interest in weight training by women recently which we think is really positive. Weights are a brilliant form of training, can be fitted into pretty much anyone’s routine, can be mixed up to keep interesting and is an excellent form of fat burning as well as shaping the body. With instagram really highlighting the positive results of weight training for women, it really is a great time to get into weights.

Heres the workout list:

▪️12 Squats (Smith Machine) 

▪️12 Goblet Squats 

▪️12 Squat to over head press with weight plate 

▪️12 Bent over Cable Kick-Backs 

Repeat 3 times  

Workout Video posted below👇🏼