We Were Cheated

Hi All,

Just keeping you updated with Troy’s most recent fight last week on the Super Series Bill up in Glasgow.

The nights events have been a hard pill to swallow. After prepping to be on first, wrapping up, warming up we were told on four separate occasions we were due next on until finally we were told we weren’t to be on until after the main cards. 

Cold, tired & hungry we remained positive. 8 weeks of a gruelling camp wasn’t going to be wasted because of a delay. 

The show was being live-streamed on Facebook, it went off-air & ended as soon as the main bills had fought. 

Troy came out on form in the first round, even catching Darren Surtees with a shot that caught him off guard & wobbled him. Darren then came back with a shot that caught Troy, nothing dangerous or worrying but quality boxing from both boxers, the ref jumped in and stopped the fight. Totally prematurely & unfairly. 

9 weeks of sacrifice, 9 weeks of juggling work with training, sacrifices being made by the entire camp to be robbed because the show was over and they just wanted us out. Darren Surtees & his coach even came over to us to apologise, they felt that they couldn’t even claim he had won on that ridiculous decision. 

We were told that the promoter needed the show to be finished & wrapped up by 12, if it had run over he’d have to pay the venue & staff for another days wages. 

We walked into that ring already disadvantaged. All we wanted was a fair shot. Disappointed is an understatement. We couldn’t even bring ourselves to stay in the ring to hear the verdict. We’ve been in the boxing game a while now, and it’s fair to say we’ve took our loses & wins in our stride. All we wanted was a fair shot. They just wanted us off & out after the main bills-the underdog never had a chance. Flying home disheartened. 

We’ve emailed the Boxing Board of Control since getting home to ask what the complaints procedure is. We are going to be putting in a formal complaint against the Ref. It’s unacceptable. We will of course keep you all updated with the outcome.

Thank You all again for the never ending support, the love you all show is never unnoticed and makes it all a little easier for us to swallow.

Red Corner Camp.

The RC Team all prepared on the night