Baz’s Journey

Hi All,

Something a little different from us for this blog. We are talking Mental Health, addiction and battling your inner demons.

One thing we feel passionately is shining the light on mental health. Men can sometimes find it hard to talk about and that’s why we wanted to share Baz’s story.

Baz is one of our Boxing Coaches here at the gym, he’s come a very long way and we are very proud of him. He was an alcoholic, spent most his time in pubs and started using drugs from an early age. Depression lead to suicidal thoughts and Baz felt he couldn’t escape the life he felt trapped in. To overcome such destructive thoughts takes great courage. Whenever you speak to Baz, you’re struck by how openly frank he is about the truth. About his journey. Here’s his journey…


Since posting this video on social media we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive, supportive response. So many others coming forward with their own stories and struggles. It’s so important to talk. If you or someone you know may be suffering please talk to someone.


Kind Regards,

Glenn & the team at Red Corner