FREE Macro Calculator anyone?


With summer fast approaching attention will soon turn to diet. Summer prep will flood social media with thousands of ‘insta-fitness guru’s’ claiming to provide tailer made diet plans for £££

One thing we get asked a lot about is diet. As part of our job it’s vital for us to understand diet plans, macros etc but in our years of experience the clients that we’ve found to have the most success in terms of body transformation is those who take the time to learn about nutrition themselves. I’m not talking about text books or hours of research, I simply mean wanting to know what’s going on for them, or what works for them.

Every single person if different. What works for someone else might not give you those exact same results. Sometimes social media can be deceptive with pages filled with impressive transformation pictures without the explanation of how each and every individual arrived at their destination, or the time it took.

And a word of warning for anyone intimidated by these Instagram Fitness Guru’s with thousands of followers, some of them have absolutely no fitness education or qualification. They’ve simply gained that following by training wearing very little with some fancy chart music played over the top.

And nothing against them at all! good for them, however, a trend we always see is them then going on to sell these diet plans with no nutritional background whatsoever.

So if I’m to pass on any advice before summer approaches, especially if your wanting to change up your shape. Educate yourself. Theres so much free information out there for those willing to put facebook down for 10 minutes and read up on their nutrition.

Here’s something to help kickstart you off. A simple, macro calculator. Your macro’s make up your separate food groups; Protein, Carbs & Fats. Each of those play a massive part in how you look & feel.

I’ve also included an example section to help you with the breakdown.

Let me know if you’d like more information like this from us in the future.