Kids Class Changes

It’s after careful thought that we have decided to change the structure of our kids classes. Our students progression and learning experience is paramount so we have decided the classes will now be split into two levels-Beginners & Advanced. 

The two levels will each last half an hour. The reason being is that we are finding a lot of time is spent on newer students which often see’s our more advanced students with less teaching time. 

We are also adding in a class limit of 10 per class to ensure the teaching quality is kept to the highest standard. Your child will be allocated to a class level by their coach. 

Pricing: prices are going down to £3 per class with a direct-debit being set up through our website. This cuts out the long queues we are currently having at the reception area and simplifies the payment process hugely for us. The payment will be £12:60 per month. Or your child can attend two classes per week for £25 per month. 

The classes will be running every week during the year with the exception of the Christmas 2 week break. 

New classes will be added on a Tuesday evening soon also to allow extra flexibility for parents and all classes will start at an earlier time of 5pm. 

All the class change info can be found here

There you will see the new class info and be able to set up payment for your child. Our class timetable can be found on our homepage.

It may take a few weeks for parents & students to get used to the new system but we are confident in the long run it will make for a more successful teaching system.

Many Thanks, Red Corner Team