Best Fitness Centre 2019

We Won!!

Hi All,

We wanted to share with you the amazing recent news of the Red Corner Gym being awarded Best Fitness Centre in the Midlands 2019 by the UK Enterprise Awards🙌🏼

Ever since I opened the doors to the Red Corner all those years ago, I always wanted to create a space all could feel welcome to train in. No matter your age, ability, gender, religion. Originally the gym opened as a private boxing club, that soon changed with additional coaches joining the gym and its popularity started to grow.

To look at the gym now gives me an amazing sense of pride. Seeing all it has to offer and the quality of the team. We offer Kids Classes, Kids Gradings, Personal Training, Gym Passes and a professional Boxing Club. We always up our game when it comes to our performance. Never settling. Always improving somewhere, somehow.

Last year saw the start of the renovation which was a scary but exciting and with all the amazing feedback we received it really reassured us it was the right time to freshen the place up. Our next project will be ripping out the changing rooms and kitting them all out with new lockers, showers etc. Another exciting project we cant wait to start!

With so much going on all the time, its easy to over-look the daily successes the place provides; like knowing all the names of each and every single member, knowing what they’ve been up to or how their recent holiday was. Sometimes the busyness of the place can distract you from how the staff all great each other and our members like a family would. This environment is one of a kind, and I’ve never found it in any other gym I’ve stepped foot in. No ego’s, only kind supportive energy.

Thank you to our long standing, loyal members who come back to us month after month. To our class goers, to the parents of our kids, to our course students both online and practical and to our staff who put in everything they have to make the place what it is. You have made us Red Corner.

Thank You,


Best Fitness Centre 2019!