Room Transformation

We are proud to present our newly renovated functional fitness room. A brilliant addition to the Red Corner.

Previously the room was mainly used for grappling and MMA training, with the walls and floor space covered with matting (see before photos) We knew moving forward we wanted to give our members an extra space for functional training and a space that could help with the over-flow when the gym hit its busy hours.

We decided to use a local artist to create a statement wall of artwork very much like our Muhammed Ali art piece in the main gym floor. Leading on from that we also posted out an instagram poll on our stories asking our members what they wanted to see in the room. Neon lighting was a popular request so interactive neon strip lighting has been installed to give the side room an atmosphere very different to the main gym space, we were also flooded with requested of new equipment so we installed a new upright skier and additional squat rack.

The room also boasts its own sound bar members and instructors can use to personalise their training experience. We have finished off the space with an interval gym timer perfect for circuit training, stopwatch timings and other features.

So far the room has gone down a treat with both instructors and our members loving the space. The side room has never been so busy!

Music to our ears we’ve got it right🙌🏼