Lockdown #2

Here we go again…

As most of you will by now be aware, as of November 5th, we will be shutting up shop for the second time. UK’s second national lockdown. What a year it’s been!!😩

First off, we wanted to take the time to say how much we appreciate the outpouring of support. We are extremely proud of the community we’ve created over the years. Our loyal members have all been unreal.

Secondly, it’s been an extremely tough decision to take in. After putting all our efforts into our re-opening in July, adhering to local council inspections and seeing all our members back thriving, we would be lying if we said it’s been welcomed news!

But if we can survive six months, we can take on a month in the hopes of a brighter Christmas for everyone🙌🏼

So…here’s what you need to know:


We will be closed from Nov 5th till Dec 2nd. This is a complete closure with none of our services running for the entire month.


With the closure spanning a matter of weeks, we will not be renting out gym kit for this lockdown.


The same applies as with the previous lockdown in terms of kids classes. The parents kids class orders will be paused online. Meaning no class charges and no loss of lessons. We will un-pause the orders once we’ve re-opened in December.

We look forward to re-opening our doors once again in a months time, in the meantime look after yourselves and don’t forget to check in on loved ones.

If we can survive 2020, we can survive anything👊🏼

Team Red Corner