Coming back swinging….

It’s been a tough twelve months for all small businesses, but one thing’s for sure, the Red Corner Gym will be back fighting! 

We have been busy with our third re-opening prep. Sounds crazy to think this time last year, we knew very little about just how many challenges we would face. And it’s still not over, the road back to recovery will be a slow one. It will take time before the restrictions have been lifted completely and life as we knew it before will return fully. 

In the meantime, we have all learnt many life lessons that I’m sure we will all carry with us for a lifetime. We’ve learnt the value of appreciation; to be grateful for what we have. If you’re coming out of this with your family members, a job, home and your health, count your blessings. 

We’ve also learnt the value of precious family time. Time with our loved ones has seen us through some f the darkest times. Even if it’s been via a phone call, the company and support of good friends and family is invaluable. 

We also have to mention how very vital fitness is for mental health. The role of a healthy lifestyle is imperative for good mental health. We’ve been overwhelmed with messages from our members expressing how much they are missing their routines and workouts. 

We are re-opening on the 12th for hopefully what will be the final time. We are choosing to remain optimistic, hopeful and focused. To say we’ve missed our members would be an understatement! Anyone that knows our team will know how important our community is to us. 

Please see below for our re-opening restrictions that will be in place on April 12th until further notice: 

*No Adult Classes 

*Children’s Boxing Classes will take place 

*Teenagers Boxing Classes will take place 

*Gym memberships permitted as normal

*Check-in via iPad kiosk 

*No pre-booking system for gym sessions 

*Normal opening hours

Our Children and Teenage Classes will be back on from Monday April 12th

All online orders for the kids boxing classes will be unpaused from Monday April 12th and resume as normal. All billing will roll over meaning no sessions will be lost. If you wish to cancel your kids place, please log into your account on our website and cancel your order. You will receive a cancellation email and your child’s place will be removed from the class register. 

For any other questions or queries please email us at: info@redcorner.co.uk 

On behalf of myself and the entire team, we look forward to welcoming you all back through that big red door!

Yours in sport,