Food Bank Drive

It’s that time again…

Every year on the lead up up to Christmas we feel its important to give back to the local community.

Our charity and community involvements span throughout the year as we know the importance of it but at Christmas time, there’s an extra push we like to dedicate to the local food banks.

This is because a lot of families do not have the privileges we can take for granted, a roof over their head, hot water, electricity let alone money left over to buy presents etc. Families very much like our own, who aren’t homeless but need to survive the food banks provide.

Last year we were completely blown away by the donations! Members, parents, and coaches all donated big bags of food, toiletries and drinks. Our collection seems to grow every year!

We always drop off the collection on the 23rd of December. As you enter the gym, you’ll see our collection point for the hamper just outside of the reception desk. Please donate what you can, it really does go a long way.

We also want to take this time to thank all our members and community for always supporting us, we know this food bank drive will be a huge success!

Yours in sport,
Glenn and Team Red Corner.