We have a new date thats been announced for our next Coventry Boxing Home show🙌🏼 July 28th will be our next show. All our boys will be boxing on the bill with soon to be Troy James confirmed too. The Alan Higgs Centre is where it’ll be held with tickets being available for purchase soon, […]

Muay Thai

Hi Guys, Something a little different for you with this blog post. With UFC getting more popular every year we’ve notice a big demand in kick drills. Our students are now asking more about kick-drills, rolling routine and choke holds. We’ll expand more on the last two in future posts but for now we thought […]

Kids Classes

Here at the Red Corner kids classes are something we pride ourselves on. We are passionate about teaching the younger generation the sport of boxing. And when taught correctly, boxing can not only help with motor skills but also is great for confidence and self-defence. Bullying We often have parents approach us because their child […]

Top 5 Conditioning Exercises

Need some help burning off those Easter eggs? Or maybe hit a slump in your motivation? Let us help with out Top 5 Conditioning Exercises! Training is the core of a boxers life. Routines are built around it and making sure your training correctly is key to seeing results. Conditioning Exercises can often be taught […]

Want to teach Boxing?

Ever thought about teaching boxing to your clients? Our popular courses offer people the chance to get a qualified certificate in Boxing. Our 1-day intense course provides learners with a simple, step-by-step guide to boxing. After which you will be able to teach your own clients the basics of boxing and how to put together […]


For the 1st time in the gym’s history we are proud to invite you to a home show with all our Professional Boxers on the bill! Saturday 10th at the Alan Higgs Centre, Coventry. Doors open at 6pm Boxing starts around 7:30pm. On the Bill: Joe Sherriff Troy James Michael Green Dave Seymour Luke Beasley […]

Our 2017 in Boxing

Red Corner Gym

Wow what a year it’s been for our professional camp. From a courageous battle with Anthony Yarde and a last minute fight with Harlem Eubank to winning fight of the month in the Boxing Monthly with Joe’s amazing performance against Jake Ball at London’s York Hall. We also welcomed the new arrival of Dave Seymour, […]