UKDFBA Competing at 53!

Hi Guys,

So I recently decided it was time for a new challenge! I’ve trained all my life and working in the gym everyday it can sometimes mean that my own training can get put on the back-burner. So after careful consideration I decided to enter myself into my first ever bodybuilding competition! Scary right? Well…I entered the most natural category so that basically means that what the judges were just looking for a very lean, natural look. Nothing too drastic. It wasn’t like I had to gain a crazy amount of muscle in a short amount of time.

The show date was June 5th so that gave me roughly 3 months to prep. I used an online coach to guide me every step of the way with my food. I figured that I had a pretty good knowledge of nutrition but I also knew that I needed someone who ‘preps’ people on a regular basis to help me out. The food side of things was by far the hardest challenge. I mean, I’m used to training hard and regularly but to food, the prep and what it does to you on a mental level really was a challenge :/ I stuck it out though, for two reasons; 1 being that I figured this goal was a one off and 2 being that I really never shy away from a challenge, once I’m committed, I really am committed.

Show day soon came and I really did enjoy the whole thing a lot more than I thought I would. Although I was very nervous, I seemed to let myself be in the ‘moment’ and enjoyed my stage walk. The other guys were all in such incredible condition and there was a real sense of sportsmanship back stage.

Taking home the 1st Place Trophy was incredible. I still struggle to believe it! I’ve made a short Vlog of my journey which shows my posing practice, training routine, backstage prep & finally my stage walk and results. Check it out 🙂 One thing I’ve learn through this whole thing is that it really is never too late to set yourself a new goal & to really dive into it and push yourself! You never know….you could really surprise yourself 🙂

Glenn Smith