Keeping you busy at home

Hi All,

We hope everyone’s keeping safe during the lock-down and you’ve managed to keep yourselves healthy. In such uncertain times we understand this lock-down will be affecting people differently. Some might still be going to work, for others work will be on hold and for some work may be no longer. There’s no telling how many this will effect negatively. Or, what the general outcome and the long-term effects this will have.

While we are feeling the negative effects of our small business being closed for over a month now with no real end in sight as of yet, we also feel it’s vital to keep a positive mindset, keep strong and healthy. With a clear link between positive mental health and fitness we’ve spent some time creating at-home, equipment-free workouts. These have been created for all members, non-members, boxers, non-boxers etc.

No equipment needed, you can save these and workout from home using our routines. We’ve created fitness, Kettlebells, boxing and even kids boxing exercises for you and your family to follow. After an Instagram Poll, there was a clear request for boxing drills, Kettlebell workouts and boxing for kids.

We also understand the constraints of broadcasting live workouts on our social pages but we understand that all families have completely different routines so with that in mind, out workouts will be posted in the usual manner easily saveable for when you’re ready to try; in your own time.

We are mainly posting over on our Instagram Page and also our Red Corner Gym Community page. Any suggestions or requests are more than welcome💪🏼

Anything we can do to keep you healthy, motivated and positive during this time!

I’m sure this will all be over soon enough and the entire team here at Red Corner can’t wait to open those doors up and welcome back our community. You are all sorely missed!

Keep Safe,