The Re-opening

Open Saturday July 25th!

We are back! Red Corner Gym is reopening in line with government guidance on the 25th July and we cannot wait to see you!

We have been working hard to make sure the gym is safe for you to enjoy your workouts in. Here is an outline of the measures we have introduced:


    ◦    If you are showing symptoms, or live with someone who is showing symptoms, please follow government advice, stay at home and self-isolate. If Track and Trace have contacted you, do not come to the gym.

    ◦    Red Corner Gym Staff have been trained to recognise symptoms and have the right to request members leave the facility if they believe someone has the virus. 


    ◦    We will be controlling the numbers of members allowed in the gym at one time. This number will be based on the amount of kit available for use on the gym floor. Please check with staff to see if the gym is full at peak times. We will be available via phone, email or any of the social media pages.


    ◦    When in the gym, please keep 1m away from other gym users. This unfortunately means that training in pairs will initially be prohibited unless you live in the same household. 

    ◦    Some of the kit may be out of use to allow for distancing

    ◦    Classes will NOT be running for the first couple of weeks

    ◦    Ventilation in the gym has been improved


    ◦    Please wash your hands regularly. Wash hands before, during and after your workout

    ◦    Sanitizing stations have been placed throughout the gym and will be found close to all touch points

    ◦    We need you to do your bit… please wipe down ALL equipment thoroughly BEFORE and AFTER use

    ◦    If a member is caught leaving a piece of kit uncleaned, and the Gym Manager observes noncompliance of the rules, this will be brought to that member’s attention. Continued noncompliance will result in that person’s membership being withdrawn until such time as social distancing rules are no longer in place


We have taken to decision to resume our children’s boxing classes in accordance with schools returning in September. The classes run at a capped capacity so we feel we can confidently and safely look forward to those resuming like normal at the beginning of September. We will be contacting all parents in a separate email with further information over the next couple of weeks

We appreciate your patience and thank you in advance for working with us. This is new territory for us and as such we expect changes will need to be made to the way we operate. We will endeavour to work with members, keep you informed, and keep everyone safe. If you see anything you do not feel is as it should be, please raise it with your gym manager and help us put things right. We will do everything within our power to make your workout environment as safe and enjoyable as possible.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Many Thanks

Red Corner Gym Coventry