Kids Classes are back

Hi All,

As we move forward out from the lock-down easing, we made the choice to resume the kids boxing classes in accordance with the schools returning. It was a decision that felt right as a team, with our students safety being our highest priority.

Since our re-opening in July we’ve enforced some new protocols to ensure we keep in-line with the new government guidelines. For classes we’ve installed a new online booking system so we can keep capped numbers on all classes, this means we won’t let the space become over-crowded during the busier hours. We also installed hand sanitising stations throughout the gym, extra ventilation, and close up an hour earlier on Fridays to give the gym a deep clean one a week. We also stepped up our gym cleaning routine to keep everyone extra safe.

Now our popular Kids Classes are back! It’s been great welcoming back our students-seeing their faces and catching up. We’ve received some great feedback from parents about their enthusiasm with getting the kids active and into a routine again along with schools starting.

CLASS ORDERS: we’ve now un-paused all existing online Kids Class orders. This means the original billing dates still apply so don’t worry if you haven’t noticed a payment taken yet it will mean you still had classes that have rolled over from back in March.

If you cancelled your kids class order’s with us, you will have to re-order online to ensure your child’s place.

*Additional Note* If you do not wish to carry on with the kids classes, you can cancel down your order online. This will avoid any future payments from being automatically charged.

We are asking all kids to sanitise their hands before the classes, and also asking parents to refrain from arriving too early at class start times to avoid any crowd build ups.

For more information on our kids classes please see our Kids Classes Page.

We can’t wait to welcome all our students back and kick-off our popular classes!

Team Red Corner👊🏼