Fight Night Highlights

Well our second Coventry home show and been and gone. July 28th saw the MTK show showcase all our Red Corner boxers on the bill. With a few other local boxers featured too-it promised to be a top night of professional boxing. Like all fights as soon as we had the show confirmation and a fight date all the lads were hard at work. Camp kicked off to a flying start with pad sessions and fitness circuits in full swing. The lads prepped meals were dropped into the gym early every morning freshly prepared to meet each of their macro’s. A few weeks into camp came the sparring, with trips up to Manchester and down to Wales, head coaches Glenn and Paul set up sparring with the likes of Stephen Ward, Josh Baily and CJ Challenger.

Training in the middle of a heat wave proved challenging. Those long runs with the sweatsuits on were hard. Training and keeping hydrated was top of our priority for the boys. Soon came fight week prep and weighing-in. With all the boxers living the boxer lifestyle outside of the gym weight wasn’t an issue. What came as a shock was the notice that MTK Management hadn’t managed to find an opponent for Joe Sherriff, who was topping the bill. We waited until we received final confirmation from Joe’s manager before announcing it on social media. We knew some people were exclusively coming to see Joe and not to let them know wouldn’t have been right. Disappointed was an understatement, after 10 weeks of a tough camp to be told they hadn’t managed to match him up was shocking. Joe being the team player he is still attended the show to show support to rest of the boxers and to show face to some people who bought tickets.

Future plans for Joe include working towards a title shot in November-watch this space!!👊🏼

The night proceeded without Joe with both Micheal Green & Luke Beasley taking home a win. Luke’s opponent, Kristian Laight was fighting his 300th professional fight so came to make a statement. Luke boxed smart and kept a cool head resulting in Kristian taking home a loss. Unfortunately for Dave Seymour, Saturday also saw him take home his first loss. Although keeping to his game plan and keeping a cool head, he was outboxed in a close bout.